BGP Creative Partners

The AudioVille, India.

Sound Designer Vijay Rathinam and his team operate a highly successful film sound post-production studio in Chennai. The AudioVille has an international clientele and has produced soundtracks for many commercially successful and critically acclaimed films.

Wood Garage Studios, Japan.

Wood Garage Studios is BGP’s local partner and is based in Nagahama, Shiga prefecture. Wood Garage is owned and operated Takao Yamagata and Yosuke Yamagata. The studio offers excellent recording facilities to support BGP projects.

Mirai (Intelligentsia), London, UK.

Mirai is an electronic music composer, performer, game audio sound designer and digital artist. His professional background includes audio engineering at the Yamaha Corporation, as well creating game music and sound effects for Enterbrain and Interceptor Micros. He produces and performs electronic music under the artist name Intelligensia and runs the record label ‘Earth Academy Records’.

Divaker Subramanian, India.

Based in Chennai, Divaker Subramanian is a film music composer-producer, a classically trained Carnatic percussionist and an academic. He is the founder of the School of Indian Film Music. Divaker has countless credits for his work in film and television commercials.