Box Garden Productions

Box Garden Productions (BGP) specializes in sound design and audio post-production for film, video, art installations and games. BGP works with its network of creative partners to deliver original, high-quality sound that meets exacting industry standards.

Our team of highly-skilled and experienced specialists can work flexibility within your budget and timeframe. Please get in touch with us about your project via the contact page.

Dr. Carl Boland


Sound Designer, Composer, Project Manager.

Carl Boland is a British musician and academic specializing in the fields of film sound and music technology. He is also the sound designer for Eclectic Films. His last project for Eclectic was the award-winning feature The Orchard.

Carl has taught film sound design and music technology at Universities in Denmark and the U.K. He holds an MA (Hons) in Music Technology and a P.h.D in Film Sound Design. His research and practice focus on the application of electroacoustic music compositional approaches to film sound design. He also writes and produces music under the moniker ‘Zen Pylon’ and is signed to Earth Academy Records.

Sueko Boland


BGP Coordinator.

Sueko is a graduate of the Tokyo School of Visual Arts and the University of Buckingham (Media Communications). Box Garden Productions has evolved out of Sueko’s project Tokyo Box Garden – a U.K film festival event that showcased underground Japanese independent cinema between 2004 and 2006. Sueko is a filmmaker herself and a former props master who worked in the Japanese television industry.