Art Film

The Lock

Sound Design by Carl Boland. A Film by Inga Burrows.

The Lock is a short film from a series created by Inga Burrows for a video installation and community arts project entitled ‘Well I Never…‘. This link also takes you to an interactive version of the installation online. The basic concept behind the project was representing the social history of Pontypridd through the memory of its older residents. The Lock represents the memory of a young girl who witnessed a tragic drowning accident in a lock. The filmmaker takes an experimental approach to the story by combining contemporary dance and video compositing techniques. The film’s abstract imagery is complimented by an atmospheric sound design that is stylistically suggestive of musique concrète.

The sound design for this film was included as a case study in Carl Boland’s P.h.D thesis ‘A Sonic Arts Approach to Sound Design’. More information on the research that supported the creation of the sound design will be published soon.


Sound Design by Carl Boland. A Film by Wyn Mason and Ian Wiblin.

Unwaith is the first poetry-film of the Continental Drift Project. The poem is written and narrated in the Welsh language. The symbolic imagery complements the romantic fantasy of the poem about an ancient King and Queen. The narrative is gently supported by Celtic-inspired music and atmospheric sound design.